Elasticsearch buys the domain es.io for $30,000

update: Divido has confirmed that ES.io was purchased for $30,000:

Divido .io auctions

I noticed that Divido was auctioning many 1 and 2 character .io domain names that had been previously unavailable for registration, so I signed up to participate in a lot of the auctions. One of them was for ES.io.

On Jan 10 I received this email stating that the high bid was $30,000:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for registering your interest in ES.IO following the decision by the .IO Registry to release 1 and 2 letter domain names in a fair and equitable manner.

Since our last invitation to you to submit an offer for the name ES.IO we have received a number of offers, the highest of which is $30,000.00

Management has agreed to a Fast Track the release of this name and we write to ensure that everyone that has expressed an interest in ES.IO has the opportunity to bid should they want to.

Any offers for the name ES.IO should be sent to admin@divido.org and include your name, the domain name and your best offer price by the 20th January 2014 @ 12 noon UTC.

All purchases made via fast-track process will be registered for an initial 10 year period. During that time you can manage the domain in the standard way, transfer it or resell it. After 10 years period the standard renewal price will apply.

We hope the above is clear and should you wish to submit for ES.IO, we look forward to your email confirming your best offer.

May we wish you a happy and rewarding 2014

Many thanks

The Auction Team Divido.org

Divido's auction page also previously showed that the highest bid for ES.io was $30,000.

After not hearing any updates about the auction, today I did a whois on the domain and it shows the owner as Elasticsearch:

$ whois es.io
Domain : es.io
Status : Live
Expiry : 2024-01-22

NS 1   : l1.ns.divido.org
NS 2   : l2.ns.divido.org

Owner  : Elasticsearch Global B.V.
Owner  : Rijnsburgstraat 9-11
Owner  : Amsterdam
Owner  : The Netherlands

It's a fresh transfer, as you can see that the nameservers are still set to Divido's.

I sent an email to Elasticsearch asking if they could verify the purchase, and I received a prompt reply from Robin Sharpe, VP of Operations at Elasticsearch:

I can confirm elasticsearch owns the es.io domain. In case relevant we are not looking to sell, nor open to offers.

Congrats to the Elasticsearch team - es.io is an awesome domain!