Banned from Chase Bank

One day a couple of months ago Chase Bank closed all of me and my wife's accounts without any warning. I was surprised, but glad that we weren't relying on the credit cards. We were lucky that we weren't traveling, and it didn't cause us much inconvenience.

But I was surprised as I thought we were good customers. My wife and I both had accounts with Chase for several years and they were always in good standing. We paid our balance in full every month.

I called to find out why this happened but was told that Chase Bank had terminated their relationship with us, and that if I wanted any more information I would need to write a letter and mail it to the Card Services Executive Offices.

A little while later we got letters in the mail saying that the relationship had been terminated in accordance of the Cardmember Agreement, and that the decision was final. We were again directed to correspond only in writing to the executive offices.

It was annoying that I could only contact them by writing, but thinking this was all a mistake, I wrote a letter to the executive offices and asked to be contacted by phone. To my surprise I got a call about a week later from James at the executive offices. I appreciated that he gave me a call.

What was frustrating, however, was that he refused to give me any information about why our accounts were closed. I asked a few questions but James wouldn't tell me anything, so we ended the call. I'm not sure why he called if he couldn't tell me anything. I guess because I asked them to, which was nice.

Probable reason why this happened

I am a fan of credit card deals. I read regularly and the author mentioned a promotion for the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card. I had signed up for this card a few times in the past to get this deal, and so my wife and I both signed up for it earlier this year.

When we signed up, since we both use the same Rapid Rewards account, we both put the same Rapid Rewards number on our credit card.

I think this may be the reason why Chase Bank terminated our relationships.

After each paying the $99 annual fee and each spending $2000 in the first 3 months, I was the only one who got 50,000 rapid rewards points. We emailed customer support to ask about this, and they then gave my wife her 50,000 points. We used about 40,000 of them right away, but then the other 10,000 disappeared. I emailed Rapid Rewards to ask about this and they said Chase Bank took them back. They then locked our Rapid Rewards account for a month or two.

After contacting Rapid Rewards three or four times about our locked account, it finally became unlocked, but none of the points re-appeared. It was at this time that all of our Chase Bank accounts were closed.

A Mistake?

It seems like it could have been a mistake - either on our part (for putting the same rapid rewards account number on both cards when we weren't supposed to), or on their part (I didn't see any place where it said not to do this). But James said something like "I looked over this myself and I can assure you it is not a mistake."

The only other reason I can think of is that I take advantage of the credit card offers regularly and they found this suspicious, or they didn't like that I was getting a lot of rewards.

In Conclusion

What I hope I can get across with this article is that even if you terminate a relationship with someone, you should at least give them the courtesy of explaining why. Some kind of warning would also be nice, especially if it is possible that terminating the relationship could cause a customer great inconvenience.

Maybe Chase Bank is just a victim of the current litigious society we live in. But I think it's important that we understand that we are all people interacting with each other. Chase Bank is a company made up of regular people like me, and Chase Bank's customers are made up of regular people like them.